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Our Services

We specialize in luxury construction here in The Bahamas. 


We offer turn key projects which inevitably entails every aspect of the construction process. We can build all the infrastructure needed. 

Residential & Commercial

Let us build your dream home or business complex. No matter the job we have the developers for it. 

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Industrial Buildings

Our highly specialized staff can complete the very niche tasks of industrial construction using the best necessary materials for your needs. 


Our Millshop can build custom furnishings, cabinets and fixtures to a guaranteed perfect fit with the highest quality. We can add more flare to your project with custom ideas.

Landscape & Hardscape

A property won't be complete without a beautiful yard to match. Our turnkey projects offer a well planned landscape/hardscape design to match your new home/business. 

Our Expertise


  • Design-Build

  • Scheduling

  • Pricing


  • Quality Control

  • Safety Management

  • Subcontractor Management


  • Enjoy your new home/development!

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